Body assembly jig – aka the frame

I’ve spent some time over the last couple weeks searching for frame measurements that I could use to make sure the tub will line up with all of the mounts once I get it reassembled. My plan was to build a wood stand with bolts sticking up for all of the body mounts at the correct locations and elevations that would align all of the tub mounts before welding everything together. The Jeep Cj Rebuilders Manual by Moses Ludel includes a diagram that I think is lifted straight from a factory service manual, but it is labeled 1972 CJ-5 and CJ-6 and would not be correct for a 1976-83 CJ-5. I found several diagrams on the internet that claimed to be correct for the later CJs but the measurements did not match my frame. I guess the moral of the story is not be trust everything you read on the internet.

My search for examples of body jigs other people had built was surprisingly unsuccessful. Lots of people sit their tubs on sawhorses or wooden stands but don’t necessarily build anything to lock the mounts into the correct locations. Finally I found a thread where someone was asking for information on how to build a jig exactly as I was planning, and the answers he received were so obvious I’m kind of ashamed I didn’t think of it myself. So here it is. Instead of building a jig to match the dimensions of your frame, just use your frame as the jig. Don’t over think it.

Today I pulled the frame and fiberglass body out of the barn.

About 20 years ago I removed the original rusty body from my Jeep, cleaned up the frame, and started the process of installing a fiberglass body on it. Then life happened and the unfinished project was pushed into he corner of the barn where it sat until today. Since I’m now going back to the steel body I pulled the Jeep out so I can remove the fiberglass tub and assemble the rebuilt body on the frame.

I will soon have an unused glass body for sale if anyone in central Ohio is interested.

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